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Are you looking for a fantastic night of gambling action at your next Corporate Function, Charity Event or Private Party, then consider having a casino fun night organised by Peter Lewis from The Sting Casino Games.

There is no better way to add fun and excitement to a function or party, everyone loves to have a gamble and a fun casino night is the perfect way to do it.

The Sting Gaming will not only provide you with a fantastic night of fun and entertainment but an extremely high level of professionalism from our gaming staff with more than 20 years experience in the casino gaming industry.

playing roulette fun casino night


With the addition of prizes(on display) for the guests to win they are encouraged to gamble harder which in turn translates to more generous buying of extra chips.

The prizes are ‘won’ by way of a “Blind Auction”,in which our guests don’t know which prizes they are bidding for as all we “auction” are numbers(which correspond to a prize),this generates an air of friendly opposition and rounds off the Casino Event with applause & appreciation.

Players “CASH IN” their chips at the close of the Casino and receive a BIDDING SLIP for the amount of their winnings,the Bidding slips are used in the Auction.

There are several variations to this scheme and these can be discussed with the client.

corporate functions

Corporate Functions

For heart thumping excitement – there is nothing better than hosting a fun casino night the sights and sounds of the Casino. We bring this fast-paced excitement to you and your team….
fundraisers, parties and events


Holding a casino night is a great way to increase revenue for any fundraising you need to be doing. It is easy to set up and our very professional dealers will ensure everyone has a great time.
special events and parties

Special Events, Parties

We can arrange and host a fun casino night for birthday’s hens or bucks nights or even just a friendly get together where you are looking for something a little different. We will cater to any occasion.

Available Casino Games

We have games to meet every requirement from our own variation of Texas Holdem to BlackJack and Roulette. Other games include the Money Wheel, Horse Racing, Crown and Anchor, Two Up, Under & Over Seven and Chuck a Luck. If you have any other special requirements please contact Peter for more details and gaming options.


How This All Works

Prior to the opening of the casino one of our croupiers will distribute the FUN money to the guests,which can be exchanged for gaming chips at the tables. We supply the FUN money to the client as part of their Sting Casino package.

The FUN Money can be supplied with pictures of the clients on the notes or even the company logo.

If the event includes a fund raising or charitable element funds are raised by selling the FUN money to the guests. The guests will often buy extra amounts of FUN money when they know the proceeds are for a good cause.

The organisers of the event must sell the admission tickets prior to the night at a nominal price,e.g. $20.00 for the ticket enables the guest to $100.00 of FUN money plus light snacks and tea or coffee.

The guests exchange the FUN money for  gaming chips at the tables and commence playing, if they go bust more FUN money can be purchased from the event organiser.

If you are ready for a fantastic night of fun and entertainment then click the button below, or call: 0488 725 366

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