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Two Up

You can’t get any more Australian than playing a friendly game of two-up, it’s our traditional gambling game on ANZAC day which to many signifies all the experience from generations of soldiers past and present. This game is not a favourite at Corporate or Charity events, however we can and do cater to all occasions with the game of Two-Up.

Terminology Of The Game

Spinner: This is the person that tosses the coins in the air.

Boxer: The person who helps manage the game and the betting (Dealer/Croupier).

Ringy: This is usually the person who calls the game and is responsible for announcing the result and safeguarding the pennies.

Kip: A flat wooden bat that the pennies are placed on with one penny heads up and another tails up

Heads: The Ringy will call “Heads” when both coins finish heads up on the ground after a toss. (Paid at 1 to 1)

Tails: The Ringy will call “Tails” when both coins finish Tails up on the ground after a toss. (Paid at 1 to 1)

Odds: One penny lands “Heads Up” and the other “Tails Up”. Can be avoided by using a third coin where every toss has a result or can factor odds into the game such as five odds in a row pays 5 to 1 all heads and tails bets are lost on a five odds result.

Spinners Bet: Spinner can have a side bet of either throwing 3 heads or 3 tails in a row.

Come In Spinner: This is the call used by the Ringy to bring in the next person to toss the coins.

Two Up Odds

Heads: Throws TWO HEADS 1 to 1 (Even Money)

Tails: Throws TWO TAILS 1 to 1 (Even Money)

Spinners Bet: Spins “3 Heads” or “3 TAILS” in a row

As this is for event purposes only we being the sting casino games hold a the float. What this means is that players are not required to wager against themselves but all players are wagering against the house in including the spinner. At no time is real Australia currency used in any functions or events we conduct.

If you are ready for a fantastic night of fun and entertainment then hit the button below, or call Peter on 0488 725 366 to have a fun casino night that you and your guests will never forget.

Three Up

This is a variation on the traditional game of Two Up.

Game Rules

  1. The all ringer’s decisions are final.
  2. The ringer selects the SPINNER moves clockwise.
  3. Only three pennies shall be used.
  4. The tail side will show a white cross.
  5. The head side will show the King (Shiny)
  6. The spinner will place the pennies on the KIP
  7. The spinner can bet 2 heads or 2 tails and cannot remove his/her bet until the completion of 3 spins.
  8. The Ringer will declare a spin invalid by calling either “No Fair Spin” or “Barred” if the three coins;
  • Are not spun at least 1 metre above the head.

  • The pennies land outside the designated area being the the ring.

  • The pennies hit a person or foreign object

  • If the spinner does not throw the pennies from inside the ring.


3 HEADS: means 3 heads showing (shiny side up)

3 TAILS: means 3 tails showing (cross side up)

2 HEADS: means 3 heads and 1 tail showing.

2 TAILS: means 2 tails and 1 head showing.

RINGER: Controls the game.

SPINNER: Player selected to spin the pennies.

KIP: Wooden bat used to spin the pennies.

RING: Marked circle on mat.

BOXER: Safe guards the pennies and calls all game results once the pennies are tossed and land.

Three Up Game Odds

2 Heads 1 Tail Pays $2.00

2 Tails 1 Head Pays $2.00

3 Heads Pays $7.00

3 Tails Pays $7.00

Any Triple Pays $3.50

corporate functions

Corporate Functions

For heart thumping excitement – there is nothing better than hosting a fun casino night the sights and sounds of the Casino. We bring this fast-paced excitement to you and your team….
fundraisers, parties and events


Holding a casino night is a great way to increase revenue for any fundraising you need to be doing. It is easy to set up and our very professional dealers will ensure everyone has a great time.
special events and parties

Special Events, Parties

We can arrange and host a fun casino night for birthday’s hens or bucks nights or even just a friendly get together where you are looking for something a little different. We will cater to any occasion.

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Available Casino Games

We have games to meet every requirement from our own variation of Texas Holdem to BlackJack and Roulette. Other games include the Money Wheel, Horse Racing, Crown and Anchor, Two Up, Under & Over Seven Game and Chuck a Luck. If you have any other special requirements please contact Peter or call on mobile 0488 725 366 for more details and gaming options.

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